Week 14: Maybe an opiate addiction is the answer?

This spot on video and brief dispatch is all I can muster this week.

I spent 9 1/2 hours in the ER a few days ago with what turned out to be a kidney stone. How a tiny little thing like that can mimic the labor pains of bringing an almost 10-pound baby into this world astounds me.

The upside: For those 9 1/2 hours (roughly 1 am to 9:30 am), I spent only 30 minutes or so worrying about Trump and the shitshow he’s laying out on what seems an hourly basis. And for the next day and a half, I was so hopped up on codeine, I blissfully didn’t care.

My 16-year-old son was asking about it at dinner last night and said it was good that was all over. “I guess,” I responded, to baffled looks from my son and husband.

Um, what? Did I say that out loud? My bad. Although I’d been thinking how I hadn’t felt this relaxed since November 8 and that maybe the time is ripe to dabble in prescription drug addiction, I didn’t mean to say it out loud. To my teenage son.

This is #NotNormal, people. But this is, indeed, what it’s felt like. Shout out to Michael Feldman, the friend of a Facebook acquaintance and a NYC actor, who created this awesome video now seen by millions. This is also what a kidney stone feels like. Trump is like a four-year kidney stone. Without drugs.



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