Week 32: Get back out there. Really. Go!

Lately I’ve spent more time reading about the Trump shitshow than I have doing anything about it. I am paralyzed by my two U.S. senators — Ted Cruz and John Cornyn of the 13-white-guys-deciding-America’s-health-care fame — and feel nothing I do will reach them. So I just keep reading about what they’re doing. Yes, I need to be informed. But Jesus I need to put the iPhone down, turn off CNN, and shut down the Twitter IV.

My freelance editing/writing job is the best thing ever. Decades into it, I seriously wonder sometimes if I HAD to dress like a big girl and be somewhere by even 9 am every day whether I could actually do it. It looks exhausting.

That said, here’s the downside: I’m the boss of me. Which means nobody knows if I read Twitter all day. I don’t. I mean really, I don’t. Seriously. I do other things. Stop judging. You don’t know me.

OK I do.

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 5.04.21 PM
That’s Julián Castro behind me. 

Let’s move on. So this week I got out and did what all we STILL shellshocked progressives need to do, IMHO: Get out and be with your people in a setting that matters. Yes, going out with your HRC-loving girlfriends is good stuff. But go to a political event with them. Or without them. These events feel like actual movement, not just paralyzed panic.

I joined a like-minded friend to attend the Park Cities Democratic Women’s Association fundraiser for Colin Allred (who is running for Pete Sessions’ seat) with special guest Secretary Julián Castro. (As an aside, there was talk of Castro running for president in 2020, which is the only reason I’d forgive him for not taking on Texas Gov. Greg Abbott in 2018.)

Here’s what you get by attending such an event:

• You meet the actual people getting shit done. We can’t all run for office. We don’t all have magazine-worthy homes and rich friends making us the perfect hostess. We don’t all have $2,500 to go to such an event. I had $100, the cheapest ticket. But I got to be with the people doing all this other cool stuff.

• You’ll realize you’re more connected than you think. I ran into a few people I know, even though this fundraiser was across town and several paygrades from my ‘hood. So one of those people was the caterer (OK, Chad Houser is way more than a caterer, but you get my point). When you get out there, you realize you are so very much not alone — even in one of the richest, most conservative neighborhoods in Texas. Twitter doesn’t have that same feel to me.

• You actually work toward the day when Donald J. Trump and his people are no longer running our country. And isn’t that why any of us ever get out of bed anymore?

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 5.05.32 PM
These Democrats were strangers to me when I walked in. Now I ❤️ them.

So GO! There are many cheap or free or expensive events going on wherever you are. I promise you. And report back — here and on your social media networks. Because somebody is dying at the hands of the Twitter IV and needs a push off the couch.

I leave you with the inspiring words of my local politics fangirl crush Colin Allred, who goes to my church and is running against U.S. Rep Pete Sessions (who helped write the healthcare shitshow making its way through the Senate right now). Colin is running in my district so my support has a direct benefit to his campaign … and a direct screw you to Sessions. This Sunday, I’m going to a fundraiser of someone I can’t vote for simply because she’s a progressive and needs support. But we’ll talk more about that next week.

So here’s Colin, whom I hope will be moving in to Sessions’ office in January of 2019. Please baby Jesus let it be so.




7 thoughts on “Week 32: Get back out there. Really. Go!

  1. Tell it, Dawn! Together I’m confident we can change the direction of this shitshow – or better yet, turn it into something that isn’t “shit.” Or – imagine this – NO poop at all. You GO girl – I’m with you.


  2. Stephanie Schwob

    Hi Dawn! Wish I would have know about that fundraiser. Hensarling is my rep, but several of my co-workers live in the PC and are keen to get rid of Sessions. It can be done!


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