screen-shot-2016-11-12-at-12-14-16-pmNow that I’ve stopped crying and eating pie directly from the pie plate, I’ve decided to start a political blog. 

I am a Dawn McMullan, 49-year-old mom of two teenage boys living in Dallas, Texas — a tiny blue dot in a big red state (I saw that on a bumper sticker once and keep meaning to buy one). I’ve worked in the media industry since graduating from Baylor University with a journalism/poli sci degree in 1988. I am a big fan of Jesus’ social justice rants and a (fairly) regular member at my local Methodist church.

I have no idea if I even voted in 1988, the first year I was eligible, a fact that horrifies my Dukakis-campaign-volunteer husband. I voted for Ross Perot in 1992 (my bad), Clinton in 1996, and have been a Democrat ever since (much to my father’s chagrin). During this presidential election, I donated some money to Clinton, made 10 phone calls to Florida voters, urged friends on Facebook to make sure their out-of-state college students voted (and made sure mine did), gathered HRC yard signs for friends, refreshed 538 obsessively, and developed an intense crush on Van Jones.

That seemed like enough. Until about 10 pm on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

So here I am. And here is Pantsuit Riot — inspired by the kick-ass secret Facebook group Pantsuit Nation, with a nod to the sound crew at Access Hollywood and the Russian band Pussy Riot (for some subtle and some not-so-subtle reasons).

My mission: To tap into the energy of HRC supporters (and others) who are gutted by the fact that Clinton/a woman was not elected and to focus that energy into more than hating Trump. We need to organize and have our own movement. And with that movement, line up progressives deeply for years to come — including women — so we can start making changes we think America needs.

I want to focus on women, progressives, and the future. I do not want to start a Trump hate movement. This is passion with a practical slant.