Week 7: Rest, reflect, then let the New Year’s rebellions begin

Rebellions are built on hope — Felicity Jones as Jyn Erso in Rogue One.

In an effort to distract my family (mostly my dad) from the first Christmas without my mom, I planned a movie outing on Christmas Day. It worked perfectly. For two-plus hours, we were mentally transported to a galaxy far, far away from the obviously huge and painful gap in our immediate family.

In an effort to get back to said immediate family today, I’ll make this post short.

When all seemed lost and the bad guys seemed invincible in the newest Star Wars movie, the good guys get together to plan their next move. The majority of the good guys believe the bad guys and their new Death Star are insurmountable. They have lost hope. But Jyn Erso tries to rally them in the face of all they’ve lost: “We have hope. Rebellions are built on hope,” she says, after being schooled in the good fight by Diego Luna’s character several scenes back.

I don’t need to make the connection for this crowd.

So take it easy this week. Prepare to do battle, as I said in Week 1 of this crazy new reality. Because come January, it’s on. We are the rebellion. We have a PhD in hope, thanks to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders. And we need to find the leaders who are behind them on the progressive bench.

Maybe we won’t have to go rogue to fight Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and their (very different) supporters. Maybe the majority of voters who voted for HRC won’t lose hope. Maybe all this energy can be sustained for four years with the rebellion we started plotting on November 9. Maybe.

Let’s hope so. If not, going rogue is always an option (maybe Jyn Erso just hijacked that term from Sarah Palin and her like-minded Republicans). Whether we are a small band of passionate progressives or a rebellion that includes the 65,844,610 who gave HRC the popular vote last month, it’s almost go time.

So drink your last sips of eggnog, enjoy your leftovers and family time. When you have a few quiet moments, make a list of your New Year’s rebellions. The Republic needs you.



2 thoughts on “Week 7: Rest, reflect, then let the New Year’s rebellions begin

  1. As you point out, but is the single most reassuring thought as we gather our energy for the rebellion, we have at least 65 million allies and who knows how many more among the huddled masses, afraid they are alone and unheard, waiting to know we are really with them, this time.


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