Week 21: I refuse to be America first

I write this from Kigali, Rwanda, where I have a five-hour layover on my way to Bukavu, DRC. This week and next, I take my resistance global. I will not give in to Donald Trump and his “America first” bullshit.

Remember when we used to have passions other than American politics? When we had the space to fight for other’s rights instead of revisiting our previously won battles? Pre-November 9, my passion was Congo Restoration. I’ve been involved in this NGO in Eastern Congo for seven years. This week, I will attend the graduation of 40 of our sewing school students and visit with the 30 orphans we help take care of. You know, helping people other than ourselves — the way my country and my faith (at its best) have led me to do.

It feels good to be here. It feels empowering to be here. Because I always get more than I give from this kind of work. And I’ll be honest, my giving fuel tank is running low these days. I could use a refill. I think we all could. I have a friend who shaved her head yesterday to raise funds and awareness for children’s cancer. Another is spearheading a project in South Dallas to help train people in need of a skill and a job the ins and outs of solar energy.

The world goes on, as it will. But continuing our pre-Trump passion helps undo some of the damage he’s doing. And raises a big and satisfying middle finger to the current powers that be.

More from Africa next week. Carry on, friends!

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